Open House for Personal Development and Holistic Approach to Healing

Non Traditional No Drug

Holistic Healing

Personal Development

Open House


~ FREE Workshop  Wed Jan 21, 2015  602-509-3984

10:30am  and 6:45pm  Attend One or Both Workshops

FREE LUNCH from 12 to 3pm


Sam Meranto 32 Years Same Location






~ Scottsdale 32 Years Same Location

~ Suffer From Depression? Anxiety?

~ No Drugs, Holistic Approach to:

   ~ Weight Loss

   ~ Cancer

   ~ Diabetes

   ~ Acid Reflux

   ~ Sleeplessness

   ~ Dementia

~ Personal Development

   ~ Gain Control of Your Life

   ~ Become more focused, Stop Memory Loss

   ~ Live More Productive Lifestyle

   ~ Let Go of Past, Happiness Now

   ~ Spiritual Solution to Mental and Physical Symptoms


Call for Workshop/Open House Information

Scottsdale, Arizona Practicing 32 Years, 38 Years Total Experience


Confidential and Private personalized therapy and wellness practices.  We focus on Lifestyle changes, freeing ourselves from what is holding us back, and leading productive full and happy lives.  We have helped thousands including Celebs, officials and CEO’s.   As a fully licensed Non Profit, we comply with the American with Disabilities Act, and never withhold services from anyone for financial, religious, or ethnic reasons.  If you know of someone who can benefit from  enjoying a better life free from sickness, and common symptoms associated with many diseases, we want to help, and have the experience to deal with reluctant participants.  Private Phone Appointments and In Person Appointments are available by texting your request to:  602-509-3984.  Please provide two different times, for instance:  “I am available 9:45am or 3:15pm Monday for a consultation” remember to leave your eMail as well.  Be Blessed, and Have a Great New Year!

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